TODAY FROM REUTERS.....                                                               ......February 11, 2019

California to pull troops from border in apparent riposte to Trump

Biblebybennett: President Trump will likely be sending US troops to that birder anywyas so you can look at this as a redistribution of State assets. The Governor's attempt at offending The President is a mere
drop in the bucket at this point.

Pressure mounts on Virginia Democrats over sex assault, racism scandals

Biblebybennett: This is Social-political quicksand. ......Best to simply refuse to hear the complaints and let the complainers (those offended) to speak at the ballot box, as it was intended to be.

For Parkland survivors, a year of political gains and unresolved pain

Biblebybennett: As with the previous story, this is more about subverting laws as opposed to popular social appeal.

Denver teachers march out of classrooms in strike over wages

Biblebybennett: Colorado is not a cheap place to live, the standard of living is not the same as other parts of The US, so wages paid should match cost of living on a state-basis, not national basis. Forcing a permanent minimum wage on all states at the same time would create its own economic class making the people in California wealthier than the people in Kentucky per average.

Jury in 'El Chapo's' U.S. trial to begin second week of deliberations

Biblebybennett: Sadly, just as they do with arch vgillans such as Charles Manson, Bundy, etc. El Chapo also exists in our culture as an anti-hero.

First U.S. tax filings under Trump's overhaul off to slow start

Biblebybennett: OK, so under The President's tax program, most Americans got more money in their paycheks, this while cries for higher wages permiate the air, then they cry because they are not getting more money back on their tax returns? You cannot give people enough money to satisfy them and greed is rampant in our society. Listen, most americans would be glad to simply break even!

Five minors charged with murder of Nashville musician

Biblebybennett: We have trained up and entire generation to hate, loathe, and even despise life itself. Notice how The Cimpliant Major News Media handled this story though; In the face of racial accusations against Virginia State officials and in the face of white police officers shooting black offenders, The Compliant News Media left out the fact that this was a black on white crime. Why was that?

Blizzard blankets Seattle, more snow forecast

Biblebybennett: And in the face of this unexpected developement, The Global Warming defenders are scrambling to claim that Global Warming creates also winter events like this in strange places.

U.S. Border Patrol overwhelmed by large groups of migrant families

Biblebybennett: Fox News was running constant coverage of Migrant caravans coming up through Mexico while CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the rest ignored them altogether. It is quite likely now that The President will indeed send troops to the border and then force the Compliant Major News Media to pay attention.

Seven mumps cases confirmed at Houston ICE detention facility

Biblebybennett: Again, we have a 3rd-world disease on our shores and we attempt to rely on 3rd-world medicine to treat it. In face of this threat (and measles outbreaks are truly a threat) the medical community at large wants to assign blame on people backing off from immunizations, which the 3rd-world medical community has been forcing upon americans for years. This forcing of immunization on americans in recent years has only resulted in more people getting sick-all the while we have a TSA that screens for material threats coming into our country but not medical threats. No wonder everyone is sick.

National Enquirer owner defends reporting on Amazon's Bezos

Biblebybennett: In this day and age of lurid and often pornographic lifestyles among the populace, who really cares about this? And who really even wants to see it? not once can Biblebybennett recall anyone looking at a photo of a man's genetalia and say how beautiful or great it looks.

Trump, not especially vigilant on diet, declared 'in very good health'

Biblebybennett: Oops! Poor anti-Trumpers, looks like he will still be President tomorrow. Do you recall anytime in your life when the President's medical check-ups were headline news? Aside from when Ronald Reagan was shot, never had seen a good health report card make headline news. So, considering the fact that Donald Trump is 72 years old, eats junk, does not follow the established dietary guidlines everyone thinks he should, maybe all of us should be like Trump? Biblebybennett wonders if this is political retribution for the fast-food summit Trump hosted this past month with a  football team's visit to The White House? Maybe they were actually hoping to see Trump finally paying for his wicked ways?

FROM CNN....                                                                                                                  December 24, 2018

No government shutdown can keep NORAD from tracking Santa's journey

Biblebybennett: This has always beeen entertaining but their job is to track activity in earth's atmosphere as well as orbital traffic that could be a threat to the US.

They were low on food and stranded at sea for 3 weeks. Then a cruise ship appeared.

Biblebybennett: Let us guess; The cruise ship picked them up and they either fell overboard or fell ill due to the food? Just kidding.

9 more arrests in Morocco tourist beheadings

Biblebybennett: The Compliant Major News media obviously didn't want to make abig deal of this because it does not help them make Trump look bad. Also thoug, and most importantly, The News Media likes to play-down any and all crimes committed by those in The Islamic Religion as not to offend them. But crimes committed by Christians is front-page news.

Lincoln's Christmas letter sold at auction

Biblebybennett: Lincoln and his presidency have always had this shroud of religious mysticism, with Lincoln himself sometimes seeming to be a mystical figure. However his words are those of any other mortal, as his Chritsmas Letter reads:

                     "In this season of peace and hope arriving at a time of much suffering among many of our fellow citizens,

                      I ask you to take solace in knowing that you live in a nation founded on the principles of fairness and equality
                      and these birthrights shall endure as long as this country stays true to their promise.

                     Our destiny as nation of democratic ideals is still evolving. 
Remain steadfast in the knowledge that, in time,
                      good conquers evil and truth will triumph.  Be patient through these dark days and compassionate for the less
                      fortunate.  These difficult times are but momentary ripples in the history of our nation.

                     I extend the nation’s appreciation to our soldiers in distant lands and wish them a swift and safe return home. 
                    To our allies I offer our continued friendship.
                    And, to the enemies of freedom and fairness, whether they are within or without, I say that we will never

                    waver in keeping our people free, safe and secure.

                    The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness still guides our journey forth. In this time of uncertainty, hold hope

                    close to your heart and know that America will return to its rightful inheritance of freedom and justice once again.

                    May the Almighty bless the American people and bless this great land."

 And this is pertinent especially in today's hot political climate, as we always try to make the Office of President more important than it was ever intended to be. George Washington himself would cringe to see how so many speak of The position of The president of The United States and of how Trump is not as worthy to be president as others because he does not measure up in to someone Lincoln. Washington carried himself as President same as he did when he was Commander of The Continental Forces, same as he did when he was a gentleman farmer from Virginia....Washington carried himself this way because he was George Washington, not because the office of President commanded him to do so.
 So after Washington's example, and after the great words of Lincoln comes a man not cut from this kind of cloth. A man duly elected by the masses, and people in the News media hate him and seek to get rid of him-all to create the office of The Presidency in their own fantasy image.

BMW hit by $10 million fine over engine fires

Biblebybennett: OK, here we are more than 120 years after the invention of the automobile and we still cannot seem to build cars and trucks that are safe? Maybe we are so busy cramming goodies and intrusive technology into new cars and trucks we are ignoring the basics?

2018 hasn't been all bad. Here are some things people actually liked this year

Biblebybennett: this according to A Compliant Major News media that will only put matters it agrees with in a good light.

Melania Trump's complicated year

Biblebybennett: Considering that each and every Media outlet who supported Clinton and Obama are even now working overtime to make Michelle Obama look popular and relevant, seems the complications are on the pro-Hillary and pro-Oabama side. For the first time in US history we have a First lady who is smarter and more talented then all other first ladies combined. How manmy of them could speak six languages? Michelle Obama is barely mastering english as it is now.
Chief Justice pauses contempt order in Mueller probe

Biblebybennett: it is become increasingly clear that this probe has no evidence of what it was hired to find, collusion, and is being held over Trump's head by the other sectors of Government to hopefully have somekind of control over Trump. Average americans, who when polled rate government and The News Media in the low teens, they see this playing out at the hands of a Government and News Media they do not trust with conyempt, so whatever Mueller comes up with won't stick to Trump, and the voters will not allow it to do so.

Also though, The News Media has worked every angle to make Robert Mueller out to be somekind of wise old sage defending our nation against Trump. have you ever heard the man actually speak? No, all we ever see are carefully crafted images of him either going to or fdrom someplace and posing with these very dignified and courageous looks about him. That alsone should be a dead giveaway right there.

James Clapper blasts Trump's 'appalling arrogance'

Biblebybennett: Clapper governed The CIA under Barak Hussein Obama and was supposed to, like so many Clinton supporters, supposed to have a high level position if Hillary Clinton had won. Is there any wonder he had harshe words for the man who vanquished Clinton? but also, why did it suddenly become fashionable and politically comfortable to have the heads of The CIA and The FBI running around shooting off their mouths on everything?

Partial government shutdown has gone for 2d 11h 39m 35s 

Biblebybennett: So? the war in Afghanistan (You know,the same one Bush, Obama, Biden, Sanders, Clinton, and Trump all said must end) has gone on for 17 years.

More than 400,000 federal workers aren't being paid

Biblebybennett: Try convincing a voting public who will never see money like Federal Employees make and get health benefits to boot that this is such a bad thing.

GOP senator says Trump picked a fight

Biblebybennett: Remember two things here; Trump won the Republican nomination and the presidential race in spite of The Republican Party, so they are not his allies, never have been. Secondly, The Compliant Major News Media will do anything to make it look as if Trump is all alone in times like these.

LeBron James apologizes for Instagram post

Biblebybennett: If anyone didn't agree with the Laura Ingram statement "Shut up and dribble" then why is there a need for an apology from James? Looks like Lebron James proved Ingram right.

                                                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

TODAY FROM CNN...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                NOVEMBER 20, 2018
Why the Dow keeps dropping

Biblebybennett: under Barak Hussein Obama the stock market failed to top 20,000, under Trump it has sustained highs over 24,000. The Complian Major News Media (CNN among them) know this but have to find something (anything) to point to and pull the fire alarm against Trump with.

Judge blocks Trump from targeting asylum seekers

Biblebybennett: It has come down to putting one set of US Immigrations agains another set of US Immigrations laws, this is why Immigration Reform is necessary. The mistake is injecting human rights into the argument, as these people claiming to seek asylum are in no real danger in their current situation, you know, essentially existing as political squatters in Tiuana Mexico.

BREAKING Kabul wedding hall blast kills 40

Biblebybennett: This is a Muslim on Muslim crime on a holy day to all Muslims, clearly not the work of true Muslims.

Analysis: Trump says he loves the military, but he keeps insulting its members

Biblebybennett: Maybe if those members of the US Military would keep their political opinions to themselves and within ranks this kind of fray would never come to light. When did it get fashionable to publicly attack your Commander In Cheif anyways?

Burnett: What has Trump done for the military?

Biblebybennett: What Barak Hussein Obama would never do. He first reworked The failed VA (which was at one time overseen by Barak Hussein Obama and the "God of War" John McCain. Trumpm got the old non-competents out and put more effective personnel in and now Vets are not sitting in the waiting rooms dying to be seen by a physician. Trump also ramped up the spending for the entire military across the board and is putting new hardware into service, something Barak Hussein Obama walked away from doing. Trump also removed the vast majority of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq...and , oh, did we mention....destroyed ISIS!

Child bride auctioned off on Facebook

Biblebybennett: OOps! Missed that one.

Schumer wants probe into Whitaker's WH ties

Biblebybennett: Wouldn't it be great if politics were about the business of The American People and the management of public affairs as opposed to revenge tactics such as these?

WH: There are new 'rules' for reporters, but press members haven't agreed to them

Biblebybennett: The Complkiant Major News Media belives that they are actually running this country and consider themselves a 4th branch of government, but must still learn to play by the rules.

Trump has doubts about journalist's death

Biblebybennett: ONce the Compliant Major News Media gets off this crusade of protection of journalists abroad then they may actually get around to revealing more details about this, right now they want to use theis to force the world body to compel Saudi Arabia to capitualte to human rights rules they try to ineffectively impose on other countries.

Opinion: A dark matter hurricane is headed our way

Biblebybennett: Oh, great, now we have to insulate our property against dark matter, too.

Fake psychiatrist practiced for 22 years

Biblebybennett: There is a certain irony in this, most people we find with credentials covering their office walls oftentimes tuen out to be more incompetent than the fakes.

'Psychedelic' jellyfish wows deep-sea explorers

Biblebybennett: As Biblebybennett is so fond of saying is that science is only a good as its next discovery and are continuously surprised by whay we have yet to discover that roams this planet.
NEWS BLOG:                                                                                                         SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

 Because the Compliant Major News Media is currerntly obsessing over one or two feature stories and not caring about what else may be going on in the world, Biblebybennett provides the following news round-up for you...

*How a Brisbane Artist Became a Priest for a UFO Pleasure Cult

 An artist named Luke Roberts. He’s standing beneath a piece of public artwork he built for the Brisbane City Council, which he says was designed to look like a UFO to symbolise the city’s migrant population. But after a pause he admits it also looks like a UFO because he believes extraterrestrials spawned the human race.

*Chinese authorities demolish Christian church

 Beijing - A huge church purportedly built with almost £2 million raised from local worshippers in one of China’s poorest regions has been demolished by authorities, the latest flashpoint between religious groups and the officially atheist Communist Party.

*Israel minister proposes a Trump train station at Western Wall

Jerusalem — Israel’s transportation minister is pushing ahead with a plan to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem’s Old City, passing near sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims — and ending at the Western Wall with a station named after President Donald Trump.

*Robots Enter Religion; to Perform Buddhist Funeral Rites

 Japanese company has introduced a new role for SoftBank's humanoid robot "Pepper" - a Buddhist priest for hire at funerals. Chanting sutras in a computerized voice while tapping a drum, the robot was on display on Wednesday at a funeral industry fair - the Life Ending Industry Expo - in Tokyo. Nissei Eco Co., an unlisted plastic molding maker, wrote the chanting software for "Pepper", which was introduced by SoftBank Group Corp. in 2014.

*The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus

Open Doors released today its 2018 World Watch List (WWL), an annual ranking of the 50 countries where it is most dangerous to follow Jesus. Approximately 215 million Christians now experience high, very high, or extreme levels of persecution; that means 1 in 12 Christians live where Christianity is “illegal, forbidden, or punished,” according to Open Doors researchers.

Kim Jung-un’s country hasn’t moved from the No. 1 spot on the list for 16 years in a row. “With more than 50,000 in prison or labor camps, such a ranking is little surprise for the totalitarian regime that controls every aspect of life in the country and forces worship of the Kim family,” Open Doors reported.

But rivaling it this year is Afghanistan, which ranked No. 2 by less than a point. North Korea’s total score was 94 (on a 100-point scale), pushed above Afghanistan’s 93 by a 0.6 difference in their violence rating. In the other five categories measured—private life, family life, community life, national life, and church life—both countries received the worst scores possible.

*Crystals, potions and tarot cards: the mystical rise of new age businesses

Interest in witchcraft is part of a revival of new age spirituality. Big business has caught on: publications aimed at 20 and 30-somethings, such as Broadly, Refinery29 and The Cut frequently cover crystal grids, tarot and astrology. The fashion and beauty industries have latched on to the trend. In June, a Dior collection was adorned with images from the Motherpeace feminist tarot deck and beauty brands including Sisley and Aveda are adding gemstones and crystals to products.

Fashion’s interest in the spiritual might prove short-lived, but there is a significant audience with a deeper interest who could offer a sustainable customer base to mystical practitioners.

According to the latest census, over 53,000 people in the UK are Pagan. Paganism can be described as an amalgamation of religions and spiritual traditions, which can include Wicca. Meanwhile, the latest generation of adult consumers – 18-24-year-olds – are open-minded. A study by the US-based National Science Foundation found this demographic the least likely to consider astrology unscientific.         (Quoted)

*Author of books on presidents’ faith says Trump misunderstands evangelicals

Washington — Author Stephen Mansfield, who has written about the faith of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, says the current occupant of the Oval Office has captured the “fundamental gripes” of evangelicals but misunderstands just how divided they are these days.

*Mexico still ‘most dangerous country to be a priest’

The Catholic Media Centre’s latest annual report says at least 15 priest have been murdered in the past three years alone, while there have been a total of 61 recorded attacks on Catholic priests in the past 26 years. Drug cartels are blamed.
In March, World Watch Monitor reported that cartels charging church leaders “taxes” is now “very common”. Dagoberto Sosa Arriaga, bishop of Tlapa in southern Mexico’s Guerrero state, is the latest example – forced to pay criminals to ensure the undisturbed use of his cathedral, as Milenio reported on 28 May. Meanwhile, another Guerrero bishop, Maximino Martínez Miranda from Ciudad Altamirano, was recently stopped by an armed group which commandeered his vehicle. As World Watch Monitor reported in April, the violence affects everyone, but actively practising Christians are particularly vulnerable.

*How a Confederate Memorial Became a Multiracial Worship Site

A two-year partnership of hundreds of Atlanta pastors brought the church together at an unlikely destination. Could more cities follow their lead?

Rising 825 feet over the skyline of Atlanta, Stone Mountain is the most-visited destination in the state of Georgia. On its north face, a carving in the granite wall depicts three figures central to the Confederacy: Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. Against this backdrop, observers might have puzzled over the scene unfolding on a recent Saturday at the top of the monument. An ethnically diverse crowd of more than 3,000 people, the majority under age 30, sang as a full rock band led the crowd in Christian praise songs.

Nearly all lifted their hands, shouted, and even danced as pop-rock worship music blasted from speakers. Then a black man in a bright red shirt with white letters reading Reconcile took the mic.

“Heaven is among us,” said Jonathan Tremaine Thomas, a young pastor from Ferguson, Missouri. “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Thomas was followed by civil rights leader John Perkins, who was followed by apologies from Christian leaders to two Jewish leaders for the history of Christian anti-Semitism, who were followed by declarations of forgiveness for Dylann Roof by family members of Charleston church shooting victims. And this was all in the first 150 minutes.

*Carrie Underwood's new 'Sunday Night Football' theme 'Game On' slammed by fans

Biblebybennett: Good thing we got that racist, redneck, Hank Willimas, Jr, out and put Underwood and her "Me-too" NFL song in it's place...for a minute there it was in danger of looking like good old fashioned football!

*Anthony Bourdain honored with posthumous Emmy awards

The Television Academy honored late host Anthony Bourdain on Sunday with multiple wins at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.
Bourdain and his series, "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown," which airs on CNN, won six awards. They included two individual awards for Bourdain, one for outstanding writing for a nonfiction program and another for his role as executive producer of the series, which won for outstanding informational series.  "Parts Unknown" also won in the picture editing, sound editing and sound mixing categories. The show's digital extension, "Explore Parts Unknown," earned a statue as well. Bourdain died by suicide in June.

Biblebybennett: And the Entertainment and News Industry still cannot graps the fact that Bordain committed suicide. How can one of their own, with everything going for him (at least to them it looked that way) really decide to kill himself? Incidentally, something else The Media is low-key about, is that Bordain died by hanging himself.

*ESPN will not broadcast the national anthem before NFL games this season

At ESPN’s football media day, encompassing both college football and the NFL, ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro announced that the network does not plan to show the National Anthem during its broadcasts of either college or professional football this season.
The move comes as the world’s largest sports television network attempts to steer around the complicated issue resulting from the backlash against NFL players who have protested racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the anthem for the past two years.

*Report: US Officials Met Venezuela Officers to Discuss Coup Bid

Officials from President Donald Trump's administration met secretly with Venezuelan military officers to discuss plans to oust President Nicolas Maduro but eventually decided not to help, The New York Times reported Saturday. Trump has been harshly critical of Maduro's leftist regime, as Venezuela has spiraled downward into a grave economic and humanitarian crisis that has sparked violent protests and prompted a wave of emigration into nearby countries. A National Security Council spokesman, in remarks to AFP, said that "U.S. policy preference for a peaceful, orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged."

"The United States government hears daily the concerns of Venezuelans from all walks of life. ... They share one goal: the rebuilding of democracy in their homeland," added spokesman Garrett Marquis. "A lasting solution to Venezuela's worsening crisis can only arise following restoration of governance by democratic practices, the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms." (Abbreviated)

*Canada's Military Unveils Rules Governing Troop Cannabis Use

 Canada's military on Friday unveiled a directive governing the use of cannabis by its troops as the country prepares for the drug's legalization in October. The directive takes effect on Oct. 17, when pot becomes legal. It prohibits members of Canada's armed forces from consuming cannabis eight hours before any duty, 24 hours before any operation of weapons or vehicles and 28 days before high altitude parachuting, operating in a hyperbaric environment and serving on a military aircraft.

*Australia to Ditch Climate Targets Bill After PM Ousting

 Australia's new prime minister will not revive plans to embed carbon emissions targets in law, a thorny issue that triggered the ousting of his predecessor in a party coup. Scott Morrison won a Liberal Party ballot to replace Malcolm Turnbull -- a moderate who struggled to get his conservative colleagues to support the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) -- as leader in late August.

Australia is considered one of the world's worst per capita greenhouse gas polluters, and is a heavy user of coal-fired power. Morrison, who is to the right of Turnbull, said the proposal to help the government meet its Paris Agreement pledge was "dead" and his government would focus instead on lowering soaring electricity prices. "The NEG is dead, long live reliability guarantee, long live default prices, long live backing new power generation," he told the Weekend Australian on Saturday.

*Trump Closing Palestinian Mission in pro-Israel Move

 President Donald Trump is closing the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s mission in Washington, the latest U.S. blow against the Palestinians and an international court during the stalled Mideast peace process.

The Trump administration is closing the Palestinian mission in the U.S. capital because the PLO has attempted to get an international court to prosecute Israel for alleged war crimes, according to multiple administration officials. A provision in a U.S. law says the PLO mission must close if the Palestinians try to get the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israelis for crimes against Palestinians.
“This is yet another affirmation of the Trump administration’s policy to collectively punish the Palestinian people, including by cutting financial support for humanitarian services including health and education,” Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said.

*US Denies Russian Report it Dropped White Phosphorus in Eastern Syria

The Pentagon is denying Russian reports the U.S. dropped white phosphorus munitions on military targets in a civilian area of eastern Syria. The chemical is used to create large smokescreens, but is also highly flammable and can burn skin right down to the bone.
"At this time, we have not received any reports of any use of white phosphorus," Pentagon spokesman Commander Sean Robertson said Sunday.

"None of the military units in the area are even equipped with white phosphorus munitions of any kind." The Russian reports say the U.S. strikes targeted Islamic State militants near the village of Hajin. Russia says the weapons started fierce fires, but said it is unknown if there were any casualties. The Geneva Convention outlaws using white phosphorus against civilians and military targets when civilians are nearby.

*Germany says in talks about possible military role in Syria

The German government said on Monday it was in talks with its allies about a possible military deployment in Syria, prompting a sharp rebuke from the Social Democrats (SPD) and setting up a fresh conflict in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s loveless coalition. Overseas military action remains a sensitive and deeply unpopular topic in Germany, given its Nazi past. Participation in any air strikes in Syria would also put Germany on a collision course with Russia, the main backer of President Bashar al-Assad.  Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Germany had discussed with the United States and European allies its possible military involvement if Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against the last major rebel stronghold in Idlib, now under heavy Syrian and Russian bombardment.

*Sudanese President Bashir dissolves government, appoints new PM

President Omar al-Bashir dissolved the Sudanese government on Sunday and named a new prime minister, moves aimed at fixing a crisis-hit economy battered in recent months by shortages of bread, fuel and hard currency. Bashir named Motazz Moussa as the country’s prime minister. He replaces Bakri Hassan Saleh, who was appointed in 2017 as the country’s first prime minister since Bashir came to power in 1989.

Moussa had been serving as minister of irrigation and electricity before the government was dissolved. Saleh, who had been serving as both prime minister and vice president before the shake-up, will stay on in the newly created post of first vice president, while Osman Yusuf Kubur was appointed second vice president. The announcement came just after Bashir called an emergency meeting of ruling party officials in the presidential palace on the back of growing economic concerns over price rises and shortages. No other ministerial appointments were announced, but the number of ministries in the new government will be slashed to 21 from 31, a move intended to cut down on spending, National Congress Party Deputy Chairman Faisal Hassan told a news conference.

*TV Ratings: Miss America Pageant Suffers Against Packers-Bears Nailbiter

This year’s televised Miss America pageant saw a significant drop off in the ratings compared to last year, according to Nielsen overnight data from Sunday. The pageant drew a 0.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 4.3 million viewers, airing from 9-11 p.m. on ABC. That is down approximately 36% in the key demo and 19% in total viewers compared to the 1.1 and 5.4 million viewers the pageant drew last year.

The pageant no doubt suffered due to airing against the NFL matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, which saw the Packers rally in the fourth quarter to win by one point. The game is currently at a 6.0 rating and 18.9 million viewers, though those numbers will be subject to adjustment later today. In metered market households, it drew a 14.4 rating, the best such rating for any primetime show since March.

TODAY FROM FACEBOOK (YES, FACEBOOK)...........                             JUNE 11, 2018

The FCC’s net neutrality rules are officially repealed today. Here’s what that really means

Biblebybennett: This takes Rhe Federal governments authority for jurisdiction over internet traffic away and creates competition.

Why Trudeau doesn’t have the high ground on trade

Biblebybennett: We, as Americans, do not even know the beginning of this issue. When biblebybennett lived on the US/Canadian border we saw Canadians come across the border in mass to shop in the US and dump whatever they did not want here before going back across to Canada again. And why are Canadians coming to the US for healthcare and not looking for it in Canada? Like biblebybennett said, we don't know the beginning of the problem with Canada.

President Trump meets Kim Jong Un

Biblebybennett: Eight years of George W. bush didn't accomplish this meeting, nor did eight years of the smartest man in the history of time, Barak Hussein Obama. No matter how this meeting comes out watch how The Compliant Major News media will haver to work to twist and wrench any credit for it away from trump, even to go as far as to praise Kim Jong Un.

Tommy Robinson's supporters perform Nazi salutes as nine arrested at violent protest

Biblebybennett: In LA they used to have the "Free Tookie" protests, in The UK it is The "free Tommy Robinson" protests. This is a far right criminal his folows march to protest for his freedom and in the process make it perfectly clear they hate blcks, Islam, etc. Naturally the Government there must stop them. But wait until you see the next march of Muslim activists there and see how they have a hands-off apporach to them.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, blasted for patronizing Chick-fil-A

Biblebybennett: Do you think that only Christian people work at Chick fil-A? Do you think that only straight people work at Chick-fil-A? Do you think that only people who voited for Trump works at Chick-fil-A? That is the mindset of these high society types that continue to look for ways to attack this franchise that soundly won over gay rights activists years ago.

Trump Unleashed Is a Danger to the World

Biblebybennett: Don't you love how all of these gloom and doom predictions and observations keep pouring in from those defeated by Trump? these are all Obama people, Bush people, and Clinton People who now are either out of a job or are out of authority with trumpo's election dictating to us on a daily basis how Trump is doing everything wrong...problem is that americans are seeing for their own eyes that things seem to be going right! Mind you of history, shall we? Thomas jefferson said almost the exact same thing about the candadicy of Andrew Jackson.

How about the same Compliant Major News Media that devotes so much airtime to these losers devote some time to simply sticking a microphone in Barak Hussein oabam's face and ask him why he didn't get any of this done during his historic eight years of being the first black president?

New Tesla software to offer 'full' autonomy, Musk says - Breitbart

Biblebybennett: Another example of how we are supporting the implementing of a unproven technology (which has already killed people) ina gush-rush to be able to herald a technological achievement. If there is even just a tiny bit of success with this technology, then our focus shall turn to making more and more segments and elements of our lives autominous.....and who or what shall be the brains or controllers of this technology? They haven't quite addressed that part yet have they?

US unveils new Russia sanctions over cyberattacks

Biblebybennett: This one should be for the folks over at CNN and MSNBC, who spent the day talking about how soft Trump is on Russia.

Zac Efron's Ted Bundy movie will premiere on Sky

Biblebybennett: that's because a major network won't have it, it won't garner ratings.

Robert De Niro opens a new front in the anti-Trump culture wars. Even some liberals don’t know what to think.

Biblebybennett: Who is Robert DeNiro?

Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort to be arraigned Friday on new charges

Biblebybennett: An arraignment is not a conviction, but The Compliant Major News Media will tout it as one.

Kim Jong-un 'takes portable toilet to summit to stop his stools being spied on'

Biblebybennett: it may sound weird on the surface but many reading are thinking that this is not such a bad idea, considering.
Obama is coaching 2020 hopefuls on how to defeat Trump

Biblebybennett: Where in the world is Barak hussein Obama? If your Complian major News Media really was interested in reporting the news, we should be asking them why they are keeping BHO's activities and whereabouts secret?

International House of Burgers? IHOb reveals its new name

Biblebybennett: Been to IHOP, had the burgers, not a good idea.
TODAY FROM CNN                                                                                                    April 17, 2018

Author: Being black still a problem in America

Biblebybennett: And it will always be so. This is the never-ending story. Most americans have already figured out that no matter what this nation does to atone for the percieved sin of slavery that the black political leaders will always come back wanting more, and will pounce on anything the even looks like racial discrimination.

Actor Harry Anderson found dead in North Carolina home, police say

Biblebybennett: this is sad. Very entertaining man, good actor. Unlike so many others in the business known more for their bad behavior and their politics, Harry Anderson came and left without controversary and without scandal.

Stars join Parkland students for benefit concert

Biblebybennett: American would likely have had more sympathy for this if it were not instantly turned into a political movement to attack The NRA and attack the rights of gun owners. 

Body of missing California boy found 6 miles from where the rest of his family died

Biblebybennett: This is a case where the Parents attempted to cross a river with their vehicle and miscalculated the strength of the river. Bad parenting, bad driving, now you and your kids are dead.

Bell: This isn't about one Starbucks

Biblebybennett: See below.

Cafe shut down after protesters enter, chanting 'Starbucks coffee is anti-black!'

Biblebybennett: See below.

Witness: This doesn't happen to white people

Biblebybennett: This remark in the wake of the Starbucks issue in Philadelphia, and yes it does happen to white people, because you do not have to be a certain to be ignorant and obstinate, which is what these two men were doing when they assumed they could use a Starbucks as a waiting area, which could have been done outside.  These men were not arrested because of their color, they were arrested because they refused the orders of two police officers to leave the establishement, believeing that being black and the Black Lives Matter Movement would give them them the right to use other people's space as they please and without consequences.  Proof  to this is how the men also refused to make a purchase at this Starbucks when asked. If they had only bought a small coffee (which is actually affordable at a Starbucks, not cheap, but affordable) this whole thing would never have happened.

Colorado teachers rally for more funding

Biblebybennett: this is a state issue which is being exploited to force it to become a federal issue, giving more power to an already obsolete NEA.

Sacramento police release more footage in Stephon Clark shooting

Biblebybennett: Seems that law enforcement is on trial all over the country nowadays, doesn't it? While it is so true that there are some bad cops ruining the profession, the actions of thise bad cops get all the press scrutiny and no one sees the 99% of all those other cops doing a good job.

Will Ferrell involved in car accident

Biblebybennett: A legitimate news story, aside from Ferrel's celebrity, is that motor vehicle accidents are in the top 5 causes of death in The United States, far, far more than Breast Cancer, but you don't see The State Governments or our own Federal Government working as hard to end that, do you?

Today From CNN.....                                                                                      February 16, 2018

Schiff: Bannon is likely to be held in contempt

Biblebybennett: That comes from the highest-ranking Democrat on the Committee, not the King of The Committee, so take this with a grain of salt.

Washington Post: Embattled VA secretary met with White House chief of staff

Biblebybennett: OK, so? This little tiff has to do with the overcharging of expenses, some of which are indeed excessive. This happens with each and every administration. It is news only because we have a Compliant Major News Media left out in the cold who have this need to snipe at Trump in any way that they can find which is why they chose to highlight this and not (in comparison) just how much taxpayers are shelling out right now for Barak and Michelle Obama to live the high-life (see: News To You).

Pressure is on Kelly to put Porter crisis to rest

Biblebybennett: From the News Media, no one else.

Analysis: It's been a full year since Trump last held a news conference

Biblebybennett: This is by design. Trump so masterfully manipulates the Compliant Major News Media by limiting both access and information that The News Media howls openly over it. it is actually amusing to watch. They believe that they are actually part of The Government and have a right to not only speak directly with The President when they want to but also interpret for the public what The President actually says. Trump's use of Twitter is his primary weapon against them, he could circumvent The Compliant Major News Media at will and without a filter on his words-they hate this.

 Remember, there was almost an entire year when Barak Hussein Obama went without a news conference. The only people talking about it at the time was Fox News. 

Mitt Romney announces Utah Senate run

Biblebybennett: Probably the only one actually suprised by any of this is The Romney Family Dog, who is likely still freezing to death sitting ontop of the family car. If Romney does succeed in winning a Senate seat that will make him a foil to Donald Trump, who, as he did with John McCain, refused to recognize Romney as a hero in The Republican Party.

What's next for DACA? 'Don't know'

Biblebybennett: And you are all probably getting the impression by now that they did not really want to do anything about DACA, this is actually designed to kill it so to replace it with something even more comprehensive.

Analysis: Washington's political impotence

Biblebybennett: the impotence is actually on the part of the society that keeps expecting it to change. The system we have, as flawed and combattive as it always seems to be, was part of our founding and has never been an easy process.

Painkiller used to cost $139. Now it's $2,979

Biblebybennett: The Governments of the world will one day get a strong hold over the pharmaceutical companies and make drugs affordable (never free) for every single person on the planet, why?

                                       "And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the
                                         bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants
                                         were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."

                                                                                                                                    Book of revelation Ch. 18

 While this passage may seem cryptic on the surafce, a careful breakdown reveals that the term "sorceries" is the Greek work "Pharmalkia", which is where we get the word "Pharmacy." And if we simply backtrack through the passage this pharmacy is facililitated by The Merchants of the world, and the pharmacy these merchants of the world promoted caused the people of the planet to no longer hear the voice of the bridegroom (Jesus christ) or the Bride (Christians), which means that these people could not hear the message of salvation to redeem themselves before the day of judgement.

And, backtracking further, the light of the candle (the light of the holy spirit) is snuffed out in those people, so the spirit of the living
God is found no more in them. Drug use (precription or otherwise) shall not only become legal, easier, and affordable, but a global problem.

Two actors accuse sitcom star of abuse

Biblebybennett: This is the Scott Baio affair. Not a fan of Mr. Baio, but if what the man did was so horrible, so traumatic, then why not go to the police then? Why stage a press conference to lobb accusations of abuse for the world to pass judgement now as opposed to stopping the problem in its tracks at the time it was actually happening those many years ago?

 Flip the script; If Baio was a child molester and his actions were known and not reported to authorities at the time he was abusing children, then does that not allow the criminal to continue the abuse on other innocent children all because it was not dealt with right then and there?

Steve Wynn won't get a severance package

Biblebybennett: And why should he? Wynn ownes the business, is not employed by the business, but these are the still weakened cries from a political movement seeking to force the wealthy to share their money with others.

TODAY FROM FOX NEWS....                                                                    February 6, 2018

Tsunami warning that panicked people nationwide was 'TEST' that went wrong

Biblebybennett:  Just like Hawaii, flawed systems designed to warn you in the event of an impending disaster are unreliable at best.

Charges reinstated vs. Amtrak engineer in Philadelphia crash

Biblebybennett: In case you ever wonder what happened with breaking news stories from the past, simple; litigation, litigation, litigation.

University of Massachusetts plans to press charges after students rioted following Patriots loss

Biblebybennett: Good luck with that. We have a culture which looks the other way and actually makes heroes of people who riot nowadays.

Wild market swings following Monday's steep drop

Biblebybennett: For those who do not understand the stock market, it does not get easier. Greed and reward fuels even more greed, causing the stock market to skyrocket out of healthy territory and much too quickly, so the deflation is healthy only because it boomed so fast. What the take away should be from thsi event is that (unlike the crash of 1929) we have an economy strong enough to handle these kinds of losses. The reason why the crash of 2008 was so punishing is because it was artificailly inflated with fake money from Federal policies.

Mattis: Proposed nuke missile is a bargaining chip

Biblebybennett: So, same stuff, different generation. For those of us who lived with SALT and then SALT II, this generation will have a whole new generation of nuclear proliferation agreements to shudder under.

Texas teen dies months after allegedly being lured by Snapchat 'predator'

Biblebybennett: This is a good example of the psychological and emotional fraility this generation lives under. This was a suicide, and this girl went through quite enough without social media makiing her feel worse about herself. 

False tsunami warning sent to phones on East Coast

                                        "And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences;
                                         and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."

                                                                                                                                     Book of Luke Ch. 21
 Not that this was a legitimate earthquake-caused tsunami, but the fear of one drives the anxiety of millions who know they sit in the path of potential destruction.

British judge rules warrant for Julian Assange still stands

Biblebybennett: Like it or not but this man and also Edward Snowden (both men under constant threat from The US Government) are responsible for exposing what the Federal Government you pay for does behind your back and what it does against you! If you see them as treasonish traitors to our democracy, more power to you, but this means that your democracy, if not exposed by these two men, would be today working to undermine your rights and safety as US citizens. And you would never know it.

South Sudan protesters denounce US arms embargo

Biblebybennett: Yet another one of those S..t-hole countries that will not be getting free money from the UN (actually the United States) due to Trump's decision to cut funding to The UN. But also there was no guarantee in place this money (they call it arms embargo but it really is just more money) actually goes to where it is supposed to.

US accuses Russia of protecting Syria over chemical attacks

Biblebybennett: Remember that The US directly interfered with The Civil War in Syria by actively arming and supply in the so-called "Freedom Fighters," who were just recently in DC to see the CIA to get more support. Remember also that Russia has a massive military installation there on the coast just south of Damascus. Remember also that other nations (Saudi Arabia for one) have also been accused of using chemical weapons and banned weaponry in recent battles, too). Remember these things and much more the news media keeps quiet on and it's hard for The US to be in a position to accuse Russia of anything.

US drops record number of bombs on Taliban in Afghanistan

Biblebybennett: The war that will never go away. Don't see much talk about this in The Compliant Major News Media, do you? This is because they can't talk about what Trump's Administration has to do in Afghanistan now without bringing up what Barak Hussein Obama failed to do. This is really also just a convenient excuse to keep US military forces in the region up to the last days and be there and present, in full force, to do battle with Jesus Christ when he returns to the earth (Book of Revelation Ch. 19) 

Canadian prime minister says 'peoplekind' is more inclusive.

Biblebybennett: How much more evidence do you still need to see that between the Sexual harrassment movement, and the other femenine empowerment movements currently in play and remarks from world leaders such as this that there exists a conspiracy to actually replace the role of the man in the world?

French police detain 27 during raid at migrant camp

Biblebybennett: This is one of those refugee camps Hillary Clinton, Obama, and The UN demanded we open up here in The US. French police found that human trafficking is also immigrating right along with them.

Today from CNN.....                                                                                   December 23, 2017

The face of Papa John's is out as CEO

Biblebybennett: This for actually beiong brave enough to tell it like it is. papa Johns is the official pizza of The NFL, so when your business partner (The NFL) has policies which hurt busines and the bottom line (in this case allowing millionaire Players to disrespect the National Anthem before games) which has hurt the NFL and Papa Johns both, it is appropriate to question the policy-but the head of papa Johns faced furious backlash and now has to step down from his role as the face of his own business.

 The NFL has seriously hurt itself with allowing these protests to continue as viewership has fallen off, seats at games are getting emptier, ratings and ad revenue is declining. At this rate the upcoming SuperBowl will be the lowest rated game ever and The NFL will do what so many have chosen to do who have followed this same path and that is to choose making money over Player's rights. The NFL will be forced to tell their employees (The Players) to stand or else!

8.8 million sign up for Obamacare

Biblebybennett: This in the face of the impending Trump Tax bill, so now you are getting the picture that The Obamacare Plan
is not so much about healthcare coverage but also political and social care as well, a vote in the face of trump's tax cuts. Removing the Manadate, which The Trump Tax plan does, is all that is necessary to cause Obamacare to implode upon itself. Now americans actually can go out and make choices rather than be forced to sign up for something or face penalties.

Bodies hung from bridges near Mexico resort

Biblebybennett: If you go by what the Compliant Major News Media says as of late, Mexico is this a safe destination to go visit, selling it to Americans as a wonderful vacationland, as if the drug wars between the Mexican government and the drug cartels simply went away on their own, well they didn't. Guess we will have to wait until american tourists are killed to get our own media to tell the sad truth about Mexico, of which would bolster The President's reasons for a border wall.

Israeli PM: Others may follow US lead on Jerusalem decision


                           "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after,
                             they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

                                                                                                           Book of Timothy Ch. 6

 The United States pays close to 40% of all of the UN's expenses, including allowing them to reside in the US, rent free, and abuse our country in so many ways. We do this out of diplomacy, which many say is an art, but for this country it has only served to allow much weaker nations to take advantage of The US and disrespect it in the process. The new President says "no more" to this and that has launched a third world war AGAINST THE US!

 By Trump's policies of "paying your fair share" and "fairness" the bandaid is ripped off and the whole ugliness of our relationship with other nations is revealed for all to see, that we only have friends in the world because the United States of America has been paying to support all of these other nations. The Taxpayers of The United States have actually been paying for other nations (who we could easily conquer militarily in a single day) to roll over them and tell them how they should be running affairs in thier own country. The taxpayers of The United States said "enough" to this and that is yet another reason why Donald Trump won his election as Hillary Clinton was seen as simply a third term of Barak Hussein obama, who was also filtering taxpayer money to other nations behind their backs.

 Inspite of all of their complaints, despite of all of their threats, and in spite of a non-binding UN resolution (which does nothing because those nation CAN DO NOTHING) the fact that they want to keep getting taxpayer money will caause them to cave in and follow in line with Trump's decree. Seems money means more then high ideals and lofty goals of a global society.

Opinion: iPhone slowdown isn't a conspiracy

Biblebybennett: No, it's just another example of technology being rolled out ahead of a network to support it.

Slenderman' stabbing teen sentenced

Biblebybennett: This will not end the Slenderman as he has become the modern-age Boogie-man with more and more social media
references popping up since the near murder of a young teenage girl by her two friends (who need friends like that anyways?)
 It is only a matter of time before you will see Slenderman as a featured Halloween costume character, which will lead to further interest which will lead to maybe a movie about Slenderman, and we all know how this tune goes from there.

How Fox fueled 'war on Christmas' news

Biblebybennett: What? By doing what Biblebybennett does each and every day? By pointing out what The Compliant Major News
Media and the anti-christian forces in the world are actually saying and doing and providing perhaps a counter-argument?
One other reason as to why Trump won this past election was his decree that "Merry Christmas" will be said again in The United States of America, Fox (for the most part) supports Trump-there's your war on Christmas!

Analysis: Joe Biden is so hot right now

Biblebybennett: Ofcourse Biden is hot....to the folks on the left. A political party desperately looking for starpower after Hillary Clinton's historic loss will light up anything at about this point and call it bright-hot. Biden is 75, five years older than Donald Trump, Biden will be 79 in 2020. It will extremely difficult to look "hot" as a Presidential candidate when he is almost 80 years old.

Top Trump aide to depart White House

Biblebybennett: They think. remember that when a Compliant Major News Network which was all in the tank against Trump's
candacy tells you about what is going in in their opponent's White house that they have no sources in The White House to give
them such information, they invented it, it is only rumor. Unless you are willing to believe that Donald Trump is the type of leader that would be aware of people within his own White House speaking to "Fake news" CNN behind his back and not do something about it?

 Also is the problem with The same Complinat Major News Media looking for reasons to make Trump's White House always appear
to be unqualified for their jobs, that we should have elected people who know how to run a government. Why don't others call these News media outlets out about these "sources" they claim they have? 

Mitch McConnell slams Steve Bannon

Biblebybennett: A man with his own agenda who is on his way out. Which one? Both.

Judge tosses ethics lawsuit against Trump

Biblebybennett: A major news story which was quietly glossed over by The Compliant Major News Media. Far be it that the public should become aware that an accusation against Donald Trump was found "baseless and without merit" in a court of law.

Vanity Fair: Steve Bannon grew disillusioned with Trump's governing style

Biblebybennett: Trump made an ally in the campaign wars with Steve Bannon, who like so many supported Trump as a means to get
government to do things the way he thought they should get done. Like so many who do not always get their way, Bannon did not
like competition, so comes the strife, so Bannon leaves. The result is a sad effigy of a man still trying to force things to go his way.

Tapper calls out nations critiquing US

Biblebybennett: This about nations which have human rights abuses while voting against the removing of The US embassy from
Tel Aviv to Jeruselam. Perfect example of Newspeople who act more like political activists than news reporter.

'Modern Family' star claps back at trolls

Biblebybennett: Let's face it, we live in a day and age where technology has made it possible for everyone to sound off on or against something from the convenience of an electronic device, this includes people who enjoy criticizing others, it is a simple fact of life and this actress, who needs to develope a much thicker skin, must cope with this, it would be censorship to require only positive comments from the public.

Submarine found after 103 years

Biblebybennett: Let's hope it doesn't take that long to find the missing Argentinian sub. interesting how today we tout our technology which claims of how other worlds, million of miles away, are like but we cannot locate an object in our own oceans, which are much, much closer. One would think we would spend time and money on developing technology to do that.

Corporate America's big, fat, profitable year

Biblebybennett: Remember how President Bill Clinton said "It's the economy, stupid?" Rememnber that? Because our Compliant
Major News Media, which supported both of The Clinton, for some reason have totally forgotten this as they must find something to hold against Donald Trump. This shall be the secret to trump's success in the coming year. Everyone likes to make money, if more and more businesses and citizens make money in 2018 under Trump's policies than you will see a Complinat Major News
Media desperately looking for anything to hold against as other avenues of attack dry up.

Former MLB star says he had sex between innings

Biblebybennett: Hmmmm, let's see, under the current sexual assault climate it should take about 20-30 years before the woman he was having sex with starts complaining to someone about it.

Today from Reuters / Worldwide...                                                          ...........December 8, 2017

Southern California fires force 200,000 people to flee

Biblebybennett: One would think that with all the billions upon billions of dollars having been spent on social and political programs, having also been spent opn infrastructure and so forth, that some money would have been spent on applying new technology to combate and suppress these fires even before they can get started. It's not like this is something new to the State of California, it's been going on for decades, so aslo have been the month's-long droughts they suffer. Do you see new water desalination facilites having been built to both provide fresh-drinking water and to fresh water to store in strategiec areas of the state for such contingencies? The technology has existed for decades and are in use in other countries.
 Further, you can thank the insurance companies for making it possible for homeowners and local and State Governments to look at such impending doom and realize that they can simply rebuild. So, why spend money on prevention when insurance will simply replace something lost?

U.S. gymnastics team doctor sentenced to 60 years on child pornography charges

Biblebybennett: Going to Biblebybennett's main point about all of these sexually accusatiopsn flying around now is why report this now and NOT WHEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED? The majority of these female gymnists were under the age of 18, minors, having reported this at the time it had happened would mean this man would have been arrested right then and there on sexual assault on a minor. But failure to report this crime at the time it occurred simply made it possibly for this pervert to harm others. 

Gunman, two others dead after New Mexico high school shooting

Biblebybennett: And your Compliant Major News media was too consumed with decades-old sexual assault accusations hopefully getting Donald Trump on The Russia investigation to report to you. Just to point out just how political and bias your news has become, was it not one month ago that the nation was obsessed with yet another scholl shooting and yet another mass shooting at a church?

North Korea says U.S. threats make war unavoidable, China urges calm

Biblebybennett:  They are referring to the joint military exercises The US is currently doing with South Korea, which this nations has been doing since the late 90's and which Biblebybennett has decried in the past as provocation against The North Korean Government. The difference here is that Trump is doing it and not Barak Hussein obama.

Ukraine - biggest obstacle to normal Russia ties, says Tillerson

Biblebybennett:  People quickly forgot about The Ukraine once The Syrian Conflict popped up, didn't they? The Ukrain problem is one that the United States made to support the whims of our friends at The UN and the EU, those were friends of people like Bush, Clinton, and Barak Hussein Obama, now that Trump is in office The US is not so supportive of an independent Ukraine, so this is yet another political problem leftover for Trump's Adminstration which has to be managed.

U.N. to assess if either side trying to 'sabotage' Syria talks

Biblebybennett: The UN are the last people in a position to act as judges over this matter as they worked to undermine the sitting Government of Syria in favor of freedom-fighting Rebels, some of which were actually ISIS.

Zimbabwe pledges to curb spending, re-engage global lenders

Biblebybennett:  This nation, just like Puerto Rico, is a 3rd world nation which has always mismanaged itself and it's resources and , just like Puerto Rico, has massive debt and keeps seeking to get to borrow more money.

South Africa to scale down nuclear expansion plan: energy minister

Biblebybennett: Did you know that some African Nations had nukes? Realizing that we are talking about nuclear energy here, the vast majority of nations that have nuclear energy also happen to have nuclear weapons! You can thank your Compliant (anti-Trump) News Media for not getting around to informing you on that one. Seems the whole time they were making noise about North korea and Iran getting nuclear weapons that the quite wealthy and quite westernized African nation of South Africa acquired nuclear weapons, but why? Who does South Africa have to defend itself against so badly that they need nuclear weapons?

Fighting deportation from UK, convicted ex-trader Adoboli wins reprieve

Biblebybennett: The US is not the only country with problems with internal or domestic terror threats. But they do this while making Britain less Christian and making Briatin less friendly with the US. They are losing their grip on moral authority.

Moldova ruling party chief says framed by Russia in bogus cases

Biblebybennett:  Again, yet another Russia story of interfereing with another nation's Government or their elections, good thing the US doesn't do stuff like that.......oh, wait, we do!

WikiLeaks faces U.S. probes into its 2016 election role and CIA leaks: sources

Biblebybennett:  It has been said on this site time and time again: Thank God for Wikileaks! If Wikileaks had not released the coveted information it had on the covert and illegal activities of our own Government then how would we have known about them? The very fact that The US Government has been working so hard to bring down WikiLeaks proves that there may be more out ther to be revelealed which could do substantial damage to US credibility.

Irish official sees Brexit border deal possible in 'hours'

Biblebybennett:  Something that will never go away is are the wounds left from the decades-long conflict between Britain and Ireland, which was forcibly adjoined with Great Britain. The result of which shows it's ugly face each and everytime The UK seeks to broker international deals which involve the Irish people.

EU steps up pressure on Hungary over Soros university, NGO laws, migration

Biblebybennett:  This is about asylum-seekers and sexually ambigious people using this University as a safe haven and political headqarters to assail the Hungarian Government but the Hungarian Government is fighting them, so the EU is attacking The Hungarian Government because The EU policy is pro-immigrant or pro-migrant.

UAE, Bahrain say they'll act to get off EU's tax blacklist

Biblebybennett: Again, the promise that was The European Union is becoming a bully in the experiences of many of its member- states such as Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Bahrain, etc. and The EU (you might as well call them The UN), between this anxt with its own member states and now Trump denying them all the goodies Barak hussein obama promised them, are seeing real problems coming down the pike for them.

Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal

Biblebybennett: This defector, speaking from Turkey, claims that The US brokered a deal to bus more than 2000 ISIS fighters out of Raqqa when the Offcial news reports claim that a pitched-battle resulted in an overrun and defeat of all of the ISIS forces! A flat out lie! But why would the UD be interested in preserving ISIS fighters when they could have simply captured or killed them? Could this go to further substantiate the claim that the US created and actually supports ISIS? This as generals in both Iraq and Afghanistan claim?

Hamas calls for Palestinian uprising over Trump's Jerusalem plan

Biblebybennett: For anyone with a momory that goes back more than 20 years, it's not what will The Palestinians create an uprising over but what will they NOT create and uprising over?  Over the decades The Palestinians (with the world on their side) have repeatedly attacked Israel while it was Israel who has ceeded much to The Palestinians all on the name of Peace and Safety.

Greece and Turkey trade barbs as Erdogan visits Athens

Biblebybennett:  These are old ethnic quarrels coming back to the surface again, centuries-old, and not muslim vs Christian.

Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Biblebybennett:  Duh! The nations that also sought to maneuver Israel into a position of stalement which always benefitted it's enemies, it is little wonder they claim this. Each and everyone of them seek to be the ones responsible for finally bringing peace to the Middle East, but while it may appear we are on the verge of this possibly happening, it will not actually occur until several years from now ehen The Abti-Christ accomplishes this himself, making him an international superstar! (Book of Daniel Ch. 11)

Chinese state media tells readers how to survive a nuclear attack

Biblebybennett: Interesteing story, considering how they are also actually talkling about allowing The once dominating Nation of Japan to acquire nuclear weapons in the face of North Korean aggression.

Toymaker Lego wins Chinese copyright case against brick imitators

Biblebybennett: Copywrite laws are a complicated thing, the lines between imiation and outright "copying" a product is blurry on a good day.

China criticises India over crashed drone on border

Biblebybennett: There has existed a more than 2000 mile disputed border between India and China for decades, sometimes having lead to skirmishes. Always aware of its powerful nuclear neighbor to the north, the also nuclear India has secret and special ops to surveil the border themselves. The American public would only become aware of such things when an actual clash breaks out, but will become a factor in the end time scenario when "Nation shall rise up against nation." (Book of Luke Ch. 21)

TODAY FROM CNN.....                                                                                           November 21, 2017

Star NYT reporter suspended for alleged sexual misconduct

Biblebybennett: Finally! As readers of this page already may know, Biblebybennett does not immediately comment on some news
and current events because there is usually somekind of aftermath which is quite telling, sometimes more interesting than the news itself, this is such a case.

 In scripture, when a certain spirit is sent to work a judgment upon mankind, there is a time and place for that to occur, this is why these accusation are coming out now and not 40 years or so ago when they actually happened. The seeds of destruction are usually planted during ther periods of most successes.

 Have you nnoticed who have been suspiciously silent on the matter? Where are the ERA and the NOW? Therese two women's rights
groups never missed an opportunity to make any situation in the past between a man and a woman a federal case so why are they so silent on this? Biblebybennett smells an underhanded payoff of somekind, a backdoor captulation to these powers by forces behind the entertainment industry and the political parties...but this is only specualtion.

Argentinian navy possibly detects noises from missing sub

Biblebybennett: After about nearly 2 centuries of submarine technology one would think there would be better means of accomplishing this by now.

Keystone XL pipeline clears key hurdle

Biblebybennett: This in light of the recent oil spill. But The Keystone pipeline will have to go a long ways to compete
 with the natural disasters caused by shipping and oil platforms.

Charles Manson dies at 83

Biblebybennett: That man has been dead a long time. Biblebybennett, like many, believes that this man should have been properly punished for his crimes decades ago, but instead, Manson was kept as a ward of The State because capital punishment was seen as cruel and unusual punishment at the time. More cruel than cutting a woman's throat and carving her unborn child up in its womb?

 If anyone could be a poster child for capitol punishment it is Manson. During his new lease on life, serving a life sentence in prison, Manson became an icon of evil, a pop-culture figure, with thousands more followers today than he had in the 1960's -this is what preserving the life of such a man has given us. Biblebybennett wonders who could argue in favor of preserving the life of such a man.

 Bear in mind that Manson did not actually kill anyone himself, he convinced people to do it for him, just as Adolph Hitler did not actually kill anyone  himself as a Nazi, but influenced masses to make his visions a reality. This is the picture of the coming Anti-Christ.

The 'Manson Family': Where are they now?

Biblebybennett: Who cares? As long as they are not out walking the free streets. These are the ones who did the actual work of killing and are coming up for parole on a regular basis. Also the ones who should have been elimated from the face of the earth for their crimes. Today they are also icons.

A notorious Russian Twitter troll came back, and for a week Twitter did nothing

Biblebybennett: Events such as thiese, Trump's usage of Twitter, and the Russian use of Facebook ads will only serve to make these social media giants more complicit with federal Government intrusion and monitoring, of which there already is a great deal of that the users do not even know about. This is part of a world-wide effort to get more control over the internet in general.

Uber tries to make it less annoying to find your driver

Biblebybennett: In other news, a man disguised as an Uber driver picked up and raped a local woman passenger. Maybe you would
be better off not actually finding your Uber driver sometimes, huh?

Report: Weinstein had secret 'hit list'

Biblebybennett: So, power does corrupt absolutely, doesn't it? Many will point a man such as this ans say that he is a vile example of a human being who took advantage of women in his industry for his own personal pleasures. How true. But what did these women who accuse him gain from keeping quiet. Most gained substantial success in their field, many recieved achademy awards. So, what today they claim was a criminal violation perputrated upon them by this influential Hollywood heavy-weight was only a real crime to them AFTER they got to a level of certain success in their field.

Border Patrol agent killed in SW Texas

Biblebybennett: We have been at war with the nation of Mexico for decades along our southern border. If the true extent of how vile and vicious the problem has been is ever reported with the same passion as they would political issues, Americans would rise up and quickly look for something to be done about it.

Opinion: Comedians should give thanks for Trump

Biblebybennett: Well, that's your opinion. The majority of this nation grew up with television talk show hosts with class who avoided getting involved in such filfth and made their television talk programs about their guests, not in servitude to a certain political party.

Today from CNN...                                                                  November 7, 2017

Key Trump ally to appear before House panel

Biblebybennett: What the forces in opposition to Trump in our Government do not see is that, from the public's point of view,
all the public sees is a Federal Government not working and not getting anything done and wasting more time and money to
find a way to change the results of the last Presidential election. If there was something to be found it would have come
to light by now.

Track the Russia investigations

Biblebybennett: Again, all the public that voted for Trump see is their tax dollars at work to change the results of the last
election to favor the losers.

Wells Fargo whistleblowers claim retaliation

Biblebybennett: It is alleged that some employees were fired from Wells Fargo after going to The Feds, which is illegal, and
will likely be pursued in court hereafter.

Analysis: Donna Brazile seems to be contradicting herself about '16 election

Biblebybennett: And she is. The Compliant Major News Media is in a bad position here because they have to come up with a way
manage the accusations made by Brazile in her book and not make her or her party out to be the bad guys in the process. To
that end, Brazile is on a media tour appearing on the compliant television networks that will pretend to offer the tough
questions but then make excuses for her with the next breath.

Trump: Time to act with urgency on N. Korea

Biblebybennett: Trump is doing something pretty masterful here and is a play right out of his books, he is putting North
Korea on the defensive by actually going to the front line nations in Asia, moving military assets within striking distance
of North korea, and dictating terms. Wonder why there have been no North nuke tests in the past month?

 But we only will ever know part of the situation here. As Biblebybennett reported last winter, more than 50 North korean
nuclear submarines left their ports and vanished, cannot be tracked! Where are they? Where have they been? Where are they
now? Will we find the answer to these questions out the hard way? And why is your news media not discussing this?

Opinion: Where the Cold War never ended

Biblebybennett: Talk of the cold war may seem out-moded but it is a global fact of life. this is what the North Korean
situation is all about.

Analysis: We've entered post-ISIS phase in the Middle East

Biblebybennett: We hope.

4 reasons why US health care is so expensive

Biblebybennett: Really? There are only 4? That sounds a bit low.

Lawmaker erupts at tax reform hearing

Biblebybennett: This is like the NFL protests, the Black Lives Matters protest, protest in foreign counries, etc. if you
take a situation designed for one thing and some realize they are on camera they will take the oppoortunity to grandstand or
make somekind of political statement. Amercians are getting kinda sick of this, this is why The NFL is finally caving in
to empty staium seats and declining viewership.

What GOP tax bill would mean for adoptions

Biblebybennett: For anyone of a certain age, these arguemnts have been around for as long as there have been taxes, welfare,
and tax programs for the classes. There is no such thing as a perfect fit when it comes to tax brackets and tax programs
because we cannot regulate personal choices what people choose to do with their money or their lives.

Today from Reuters......                                September 27, 2017

NFL players, owners defy Trump on anthem protests

Biblebybennett: They are not necessarily defying Trump as they are taking advantage of a situation to make a political statement. This started before Donald Trump became President of The United States and merely feeds into this protest-culture we, as a nation, have allowed to flourish over the decades. Infact, you can dial back the time machine to the 1990's when Comedianne Rosanne Barr butchered the National Anthem on national television and proceede to spit on the ground after this.

 Then you can pile on the waves of calls over the decades to change the National Anthem to something more contemporary or more easy to sing. fact is when we give creeps with an alternative political agenda a national platform they will seek to take advantage of it and so goes our current state of sports media. Sports stars have the option of either standing, sitting, or simply not coming out of the locker room until it's time to take the field-being p-resent for the national anthem is not some requirement, it's just good PR. When sports stars choose to take the knee it is a display of defiance.

 The very reason theses opportunists are hearing boos now instead of applause may not be so much love of Trump but the fact that these fans paid good money for those seats and to watch a game, not have to endure someone's politics. It brings to mind that it was not a year ago that The cast of the play Hamilton endured boos from audience members when the actors chose to use their show to make statements against Donald Trump.

 On the flip side of this argument, mind you that televised sports is a business that intends to generate revenue from advertisers and driving away the audience with humiliating political displays will indeed interfere with this. People will get tired of watching millionaires protesting their country and taking advantage of their celebrity status to do so. So Biblebybennett sees this as short lived.

U.S. Senate opposition to Obamacare repeal bill grows

Biblebybennett: It is obvious to even the non-political observers that Republicans only claimed repeal of Obama-Care to get office and appear to stand against Barak Hussein obama as a foil. Now that they got the office and they find themselves with their part literally confescated by Donald Trump, now they are a foil to their own President and Party-leader.

 If Americans are foolish enough to watch these people with R's in front of their names actually working against their own words and their own Party-leader simply to claim some form of social conscience and wish to keep them in power then they are getting what they deserve.

Trump weighs replacement to travel ban

Biblebybennett: Are we a Nation of Laws or aren't we? Why is this simple question so open to debate?

Gunman opens fire at Nashville church, killing one, wounding six

Biblebybennett: This nation is simply chocked full of little time-bombs just waiting to go off for seemingly no reason. Book of Matthew Ch. 24.

Protests could derail St. Louis' bid for second Amazon hub: sources

Biblebybennett: And you can thank this Protest-Culture for cancelling live shows and concerts, jamming up legal traffic in most major cities, millions of dollars of damage to private and business property draining local and state police resources, just to name a few. When will this nation say "enough" with allowing these bloodsuckers to continue to drain this nation of it's very life?

Man spared death penalty for 2011 murder of Tennessee nursing student

Biblebybennett: A mistake. This nation would do well to make examples of thoise who kill by themselves being killed in like manner. Today, many kill knowing they can cut a deal and be spred death. There's your example.

U.S. army probes fake evacuation orders sent to U.S. military, families in South Korea

Biblebybennett: You want to make everything availble and accessible online, even top military and government secrets and ops, you then ask for breaches like this.

Trump administration drops guidance on college sex-crime probes

Biblebybennett: It does well to simply level the playing field. We are a nation of laws and the Accuser should have no more of rights than the Accused in any situation.

Hurricane-ravaged U.S. cities hit by rising cleanup costs

Biblebybennett: Again, Biblebybennett's major peeve, why we continue to build things not designed to withstand such forces? Why do we not apply better technology to construction practices so as to protect and preserve homes and even lives?

U.S. mainland Puerto Ricans anguished, unable to reach loved ones

Biblebybennett: Technology exists to make such devestation a thing of the past, why not use it? this is not a human calamity, it is a failure of a nation to properly govern. One of the main reasons why The US has been reticent to make PR it's 51st state is due to it's desire to manage itself as a 3rd world country and if The US does adopt this as a state the US shall assume it's debts, in excess of 6 billion!

 And again, leave it to The Compliant Major News Media who lost the last Presidential election and proceeds with great rage against Donald Trump to turn this situation into another Katrina episode. A popular daytime tv talk show (that gets enough publicity) featured an interview with The Governor of Puerto Rico, hoping he would say something to make Trump look bad, but did not, instead, overstated the obvious problems and demanded money to rebuild this 3rd-world nation. The calamity unfolding after Hurricane Marie is only revealing to the world the actual state of just how mismanaged and fallable things are.

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